Sullivan Construction Management

  • Site Inspection
  • Generation of Bid Documents and Receipt of Bids
  • Management of Construction Process
  • Design Team Approach
  • Special Assessment Assistance
  • Improvement of Overall Value
Quality Construction Management
Servicing Associations' Reconstruction and Maintenance Needs
As your construction manager, Sullivan Construction Management serves as an extension of the Board of Directors.  We are committed to applying all of our training, experience and resources to oversee and coordinate the reconstruction process, while serving as the link between the construction professionals and the Board.

Our goal is to assess the available options and implement the project plan to minimize schedule delays, reduce cost overruns, improve project quality, and obtain the best value for the least cost to your Association. 

SCM is a company you can trust to get things done.

Our Philosophy

"We value the relationship with our clients and work hand in hand with Boards and Community Managers to build long lasting relationships."
- Pat Sullivan, Owner
  1. Wood Repair
    Wood Repair
    Dry Rot, Termite Damage, Wood Fungus
  2. Roofing
    Tile, Composition Shingle, Thermoplastic Polyolofen (TPO), BUR
  3. Asphalt and Concrete
    Asphalt and Concrete
    Patching, Overlay, Replacement
  4. Painting
    Stucco, Wood and Fencing. Color Consultation
  5. Renovation
    Maintenance or Captial Improvement
  6. Waterproofing
    Multi Layer Protective Coatings, Specialty Coatings and Decorative Surface Material
  7. Mold
    Remediation with Clearance by Industrial Hygienist
  8. Stucco
    Spauling, Crack Repair and New Finishes
  9. Fencing
    Iron, Vinyl, Wood, Stucco New and Repair
Quality Project Management
The advantage of retaining SCM for project management oversight is to obtain a necessary, but often overlooked, independent advisory service.  Without proper administration, potential problem areas may go unreported until they can no longer be reconciled with project objectives.

SCM provides project management services acting in an advisory capacity regarding project and decision making.  As the project manager, SCM's services include Scope Management, Time Management, Contract Management and Construction Management. 

As part of management team, SCM evaluates procedures and the information flow process; reviews contract documents and oversees contractor conformance; and appraises contract change order monitoring techniques.  A thorough written management oversight begins during the bid phase of the project; includes conducting meetings, preparing correspondence, and maintaining documentation and records.  Issues are identified and evaluated.  Recommendations for resolution are prepared and follow-up is provided to ensure proper implemention continuing through substantial completion.


P.O. Box 2387
Alpine, California 91903-2387
Telephone: 619-722-7580

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